Professional Propane Refill Services

Propane Services

For the past 60 years, Texas Butane Co. Inc. has been offering superior propane services. We not only install propane tanks but also offer refill services. Our team will ensure that you have your propane delivery and maintenance on time. Contact us at (817) 374-4992 to learn more about our services.

Our Propane Services Include:

  • Tank Installations and Repairs
  • Delivery
  • Refill Services
  • Cylinder Fills
  • Tank Sales
  • Tank Leasing
  • Propane Cylinder Refill
  • Installing the Gas Lines
  • Installing the Proper Regulators 
  • Doing the final Leak Test
  • Delivering the Gas 

Call Now At (817) 374-4992 To Refill Your Propane Cylinder!

Propane Tank and Gas Line Install to Refill and Repair, We Do It All! Call Us.

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